Xi’an Impression

One on the best London Chinese shack, founded by Zhang Chao and chef Wei Guirong, hides at the foot of the Emirates Stadium with just a few tables, plain walls with a couple of red and white prints and a picture-driven menu… That clearly doesn’t sound so sexy. That’s because the important bit lies in her plates, and the word is on the street – Just look at the queue out there.

Wei serves up fiery specialties from the streets of the Terracotta warriors city: X’ian pulled pork bap; fresh cucumber and gluten salad, spiced up with an addictive sauce ; smooth pork and veg dumplings ; soothing potato starch noodle soup… But those are all just supporting roles to the silky and chewy hand-pulled biang biang noodles with chunks of beef. Wash it all down with whatever you want to bring in, it’s BYOB.

Valentine Benoist

Last update: 24/04/2019


Biang biang noodles





Dishes: £4.80-11.90
Drinks: £1.50-2.80
Corkage fee: £1.70 (beer) and £5.50 £ (wine) per bottle

Everyday 11.30am-9pm


117 Benwell Road
London N7 7BW

+44 (0)203 4410 191

Holloway Road
Drayton Park