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Top Cuvée

At last, Blackstock Road has its very own top local spot! The word has clearly spread: past the nameless window, Brodie Meah (dinner by Heston in Melbourne), Max and Noel Venning (Three Sheets) and Rob Roy Cameron (El Bulli, Tickets, Hojo Santa)’s home is all bubbling, no-fuss fun between the warm tangerine walls and exposed bricks with bright illustrations.

The menu wins us over with the homemade ham and gribiche the “best soda bread out of Ireland” says the Irish bread expert who knows a thing or two. Keep going with a lively English beans salad with pine nut dressing; a braised pork belly with coco beans and pickled girolles, and the now cult rétro-gourmet crème caramel… Brighten up the parade with natural sips and loud, friendly chatter. Filling a neighbourhood food gap, this little bistrot 2.0. is just the way we like it.

Valentine Benoist

Last update: 19/09/2019

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Table for two in the left corner

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Share a casserole dish on weekend lunches

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Wine (30% off list price)

Snacks: £2.50-10
Sharing plates: £8-14
Desserts: £4.50-13
Weekend lunch menus: £16-20
Wine: glass from £6, bottle from £25

Wednesday-Friday 6pm-12am
Saturday-Sunday 12-3pm and 6pm-12am

177B Blackstock Road
London N5 2LL


Finsbury Park

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