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Veal stuffed tomatoes – Alex Jackson, Sardine

Serves 4


12 ripe, tasty vine tomatoes, of around 10cm diameter
12 basil leaves
1 glass white wine
50 g crème fraîche
1-2 sprigs tarragon
Black pepper
Olive oil


½ bunch basil
½ bunch tarragon
½ bunch parsley
100 g minced veal
100 g minced pork
20 g chicken livers, trimmed and chopped finely
50 g pancetta or bacon, chopped finely
30 g breadcrumbs, soaked in milk
30 g ricotta
1 tsp fennel seeds, crushed
Sea salt, black pepper


Chop the herbs and mix together with all the stuffing ingredients. Season with salt and lots of black pepper.

Cut the top off the tomatoes and reserve. Hollow them out and place in a baking dish on top of the tarragon sprigs. Season lightly with salt, and stuff with the stuffing. Perch the ‘hat’ back on top of the stuffing. Season with salt, drizzle with olive oil and add the glass of wine to the dish.

Roast in a 190C oven for about 25 min. After 15 min, add the crème fraîche. Roast until the tomatoes are soft and the stuffing is cooked through. Serve with the juices from the dish.