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Tandoor Chop House

Immerse yourself in this very casual version of Gymkhana, a chic canteen somewhere between the 100% Brit chop house and the Indian gentlemen’s club from the 30s. Sit down on the red leather bench in the one of the dark wood booths and let the feast begin.

Behind the glazed kitchen, the tandoor roars to quickly garnish the wonderful copper thali platters, loaded with spicy treasures: crunchy aubergine overflowing with goodies, unctuous dahl…. Wipe the leftovers with chunks of bone marrow naan, before gobbling the sweet banana-pistachio mini doughnuts.

Valentine Benoist

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Sunday Mighty Thali

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Bone marrow butter naan

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Snacks: £4-8
Tandoor: £9-16
Sides: £1.50-8
Desserts: £5-7
Lunch menus: £14
Sunday lunch (1-4pm) : £25 pp

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Monday-Thursday 12-11pm
Friday-Saturday 12-11.30pm
Sunday 1-10pm

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8 Adelaide Street
London WC2N 4HZ

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+44 (0)20 3096 0359

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Charing Cross
Leicester Square

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