Ham, egg and chips sandwich – Max Halley, Max’s Sandwich Shop

“If we can put a man on the moon, I can put ham, egg‘n’chips in a sandwich.”

Serves 1


2 slices focaccia
180 g slow-cooked ham hock
6 tbsp piccalilli 
1 fried egg
A handful shoestring fries 
3 tbsp malt vinegar mayonnaise 

Stack everything between the two slices of focaccia, starting from the bottom: 1 slice of focaccia, ham hocks, piccalilli, fried egg, shoestring fries, malt vinegar mayonnaise and last but not least, the second slice of focaccia. 

When the sandwich is ready, the smell of spices and vinegar from the piccalilli hits you first, fried egg and ham hock hot on its heels. You begin to get excited and reach for your first half, turning it upward..

Shoestring fries tumble from the mothership and you scoop them up in your fingers. Crunch. There’s egg yolk on your chin and a lick of, what is it, mayonnaise, on your cheek. Sip beer. Continue moment.

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Max’s Sandwich Shop


Recipe from Max’s Sandwich book by Max Halley (£14.99, WHSmith)