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Quo Vadis

This Soho institution, once home to Karl Marx, now taken over by prolific Hart brothers and Jeremy Lee, doesn’t age a bit. All-in-one fancy dining room and private members club, sit behind the iconic colourful stained-glass, hands on the white tablecloth, and plunge into the illustrated menu.

From the kitchen, the chef rustles up perfectly executed 100% Brit dishes, served with great care: oysters to gobble or whole artichoke to suck on; sharp mackerel fillet, rhubarb pickles and horseradish; infamous smoked eel sandwich; comforting chicken pie and mashed potatoes; buttermilk and blueberries pudding… The dreamy spot for any business meeting, from dawn to dusk.

Valentine Benoist

Last update: 29/01/2019

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Smoked eel sandwich,
Jeremy Lee

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2 private dining rooms

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Breakfast: £3.50-15
Starters: £6-12.50
Mains: £17.50-21
Sides: £3.50-5
Desserts: £7.50-11
Wine: glass from £5.60, bottle from £28

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Monday-Friday 8-10.30am, 12-2.30pm and 5.30-10.30pm
Saturday 12-2.30pm and 5.30-10.30pm

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26-29 Dean Street
London W1D 3LL

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+44 (0)20 7437 9585

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Tottenham Court Road
Leicester Square
Piccadilly Circus

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