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At Primeur, there’s a little of everything that has made the success of trendy places recently: an industrial decor in a converted garage, which name still stands on the front, a cool list of obviously natural wines, a few tapas and unstrained small plates from the open kitchen and a cheerful crowd. All topped up with the necessary motivation to walk 15 minutes from Highbury & Islington, in the middle of a residential area.

Locate the communal table where your booking is directly scribbled on with chalk, squeeze between your neighbours and look up to David Gingell’s board: duck rillettes, Iberian jamón, mackerel-fennel-black olive, Romanesco-mustard yoghurt-almonds, bavette-roast radish-horseradish, caramel cream or summer pudding… Many European touches applied to seasonal British ingredients, to wash down largely with the funky natural numbers of the wine list.

Valentine Benoist

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Westerns Laundry
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Stools by the kitchen
Basement dining room
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Small plates: £6.50-16
Puddings: £6
Wine: bottle from £25

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Tuesday-Thursday 5-10.30pm
Friday-Saturday 12-10.30pm
Sunday 12-10.30pm

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116 Petherton Road
London N5 2RT

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Highbury & Islington

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+44 (0)207 226 5271

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