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This tiny cave à manger, a local fave, has just reinvented itself. With Bright’s top team (William Gleave and Phil Bracey) taking over, Legs has become Peg: a Japanese-influenced neo-canteen with white high table tops made of recycled yogurt pots, a groovy playlist and a nod to Steely Dan .

Chopstick your way around the short and grill-heavy board led by Byron Fini: alluring chicken skewers from A to Z (heart, liver, thighs…); cracking wriggly chawanmushi with crunchy asparagus; crunchy mini rice cakes topped with eel and nori; fried chickpea-tofu sponging a lovely dashi broth…. Support it with the extensive natural wine list. It’s your favourite foreign movie.

Valentine Benoist

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Small plates: £3-12
Dessert: £6
Wine: glass from £6, bottle from £25

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Wednesday 6-11pm
Thursday-Saturday 12-3 and 6-11pm
Sunday 12-4pm

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120 Morning Lane
London E9 6LH

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+44 (0)20 3441 8765

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Hackney Central
Hackney Downs

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