Pastaio Soho

Business chef Stevie Parle has his fingers in many pies, one of them in Carnaby. This time, it’s all about handmade pasta, Padella-style, in a pop-cum-street art decor with highly Instagram-friendly terrazzo communal tables.

Ditch some of the starters (the stuffed red pepper is a bit of a wimp), stop by the decadent fried mozza, ‘nduja and honey sandwich, then focus on the real deal: slow cooked tomato sauce and marjoram rigatoni; wild mushrooms, garlic and olive oil tagliatelle; cacio e pepe bucatini or pretty meaty agnoli. Soak it all with a glass of friulano before sharing a tiramisu or pistachio ice cream scoops.

Valentine Benoist

Last update: 16/04/2019


Gluten free pasta on request
Vegan pasta on request



Antipasti: £3-8.50
Pasta: £6-16.50
Desserts: £5-7
Cocktails: £6-7
Wine: glass from £4.50, bottle from £20

Monday-Sunday 12pm-late

Receive a text when your table is ready

19 Ganton Street
London W1F 9BN


Oxford Circus
Piccadilly Circus
Bond Street

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