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Very berry pancakes – Opso

Makes 5-6 pancakes

1. Pancakes

300 g milk 60g eggs, beaten up
150 g flour, sifted
15 g sugar
15 g baking powder
2.5 g salt
35 g butter, melted

2. Toppings

15g mascarpone
15g strawberry jam
20g chilled blueberries or raspberries

1. Pancakes

In a large bowl, using a hand whisk, mix all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, salt).

In another bowl, mix all the liquids (milk, eggs, butter) and then add to the dry ingredients mix. Mix well until incorporated. Let it rest in the fridge for one day (or at least a few hours).

Preheat the oven at 180°C half & half function. On a lightly buttered pancake pan, pour 100g of the batter. When it starts bubbling, transfer the pan in the oven for 3 minutes.

2. Toppings

Serve each pancake topped with strawberry jam, mascarpone and the berries on top.