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Pachamama Bar + Kitchen

This Peruvian-inspired, fusion-style bar and restaurant opened its doors in 2014 down a trendy basement on Marylebone High Street. Since then, every night a waiter kneels down at the table and recites very seriously the little macho story about Mama working hard in the kitchen for you to share all the (small) plates, while Papi prepares strong manly cocktails at the bar, sipping a few on the way.

At this point, two options open up: run away or stop laughing and judge on parts these Peruvian specimens. Chose the second one, as many actually deserve to go beyond the storytelling: punchy aubergine, smoked yoghurt and pecan, melting Iberian pluma, corn and huacatay, salmon tiradito, beetroot pickles and avocado… Each has its own exotic kick tickling your tastebuds, cooled down by a sharp pisco lemon cocktail.

Valentine Benoist

Siblings: Chicama

How much?
Snacks: £3-9 – Plates: £9-33
Brunch: £10-15 – Desserts: £7.50-8.50
Cocktails: £7-11.50
Wine: glass from £7, bottle from £30

When, where, how?
Monday-Friday 12-3pm and 6-11pm,
Saturday 11am-4pm and 6-11pm (bar 11-12am),
Sunday 11am-4pm and 6-10pm (bar 11am-11pm)
18 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JY
Bond Street, Marble Arch, Baker Street
Reservation: yes
+44 (0)20 7613 0478