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He is all over the place! Jackson Boxer (Brunswick House) makes it to the other side of town: cozy setting, ladies who lunch on pretty cane chairs, washed linen, elegant sketches by his mum and light wood – We certainly are in Notting Hill.

Very personal, his last-born is inspired by childhood memories from holidays in the Western Isles, and the daily-changing menu celebrates the sea: spring anchovies lie on a mustardy, airy fried bread; the potato flatbread is topped with smoked cod’s roe and a vivid pomelo kosho; leeks and crushed royal jerseys get into bed with a powerful crab butter; a plump roast cod swims generously with shrimps, peas and capers… Conclude with a brown bread ice cream topped with popcorn bits that tastes just like Proust’s madeleine. Spot-on service and pretty wine list.

Valentine Benoist

Last update: 19/08/2019

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Brunswick House

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Late-night snacks (9.30-11.30pm)

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The book of reserve wines

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Private dining room (12 max)
Menus £45-65

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Starters: £7-12
Mains: £16-65
Sides: £5
Desserts: £5-10
Lunch menus: £16-20
Late-night snacks: £4-10
Wine: glass from £5, bottle from £28

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Tuesday 6pm-12am
Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday 12-6pm

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31 Kensington Park Road,
London W112EU

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+44 (0)20 7043 1400

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Ladbroke Grove
Westbourne Park
Notting Hill Gate

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