Open Kitchen #2: Freddie Janssen

Sunday 15 January 2017
Food pop up
45, all included*

My Hungry Valentine x Carousel

The story

Despite the doom and gloom, London remains one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a unique and exciting culinary scene that’s shaped by the inspiring and progressive people at the heart of it.

To celebrate this new generation of talented Europeans redefining the city’s tastes, My Hungry Valentine has teamed up with Carousel to give a selection of the very best the opportunity to do their own thing for the night, away from their regular kitchens.  With each one serving up a special one-off menu, the Open Kitchen series gives these young chefs the chance to show what they’re all about.

Second up, on the 15th January, is a real food polymath. Pickle pioneer, taco queen, cookbook author and marketing guru at Lyle’s restaurant, Freddie Janssen moved to London 8 years ago from the Netherlands. Since then, she’s been shaking the London food scene with her experimental approach.

What to expect this time, from the Young British Foodies award-winner? A crazy Mexican sharing lunch feast, Sunday vibes and family-style, freshly made tortillas, world-class game, banging salsas and a few pickled things, of course… Prepare to eat, drink, laugh and start the new year as you mean to go on.


Complimentary wines courtesy of Rhône Valley wines + surprise cocktails

*The incredible menu Freddie is preparing will be very meat-centric, which is why we won’t be able to cater to vegetarians and pescetarians.

71 Blandford Street
London W1U 8AB