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It was one of the most expected opening of 2015. Chef Selin Kiazim, with whom we already fell in love during her residency at Carousel, now has a place of her own in Shoreditch. In a nice sober and polished atmosphere (open kitchen, long bar, navy blue, copper, marble), we sit and wait for the magic to happen. 

Jackpot! It’s finger-licking good, inventive, flavourful. Here’s an inventory to make sure we don’t forget a single bite:

  • grilled hellim, lemon, London honey and oregano (melt-in-your-mouth halloumi’s cousin);
  • muhammara on toast (pepper paste);
  • chilli roast cauliflower, red onion, parsley and pistachios – competing with Miznon’s famous Parisian version;
  • summery pides (braised octopus, ricotta, green olives, honey, pickled caper shoots and thyme);
  • crispy pomegranate glazed lamb breast and yoghurt;
  • totally addictive fried Cyprus potatoes, chili salt, garlic and herb mayo…
Valentine Benoist


Siblings: Kyseri The spot you should know about: sit at the bar, overlooking the open kitchen

How much?

Snacks: £2-6.50 - Plates: £6-19 Desserts: £8-9.50 - Menu: £35 - Cocktails: £6-10 Wine: glass from £4.50, bottle from £27

When, where, how?

Tuesday-Saturday 12-3pm and 5.30-10pm 74 Luke Street, London EC2A 4PY Old Street, Shoreditch High Street, Moorgate Reservation: yes +44 (0)20 7729 3032


Roast cauliflower
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