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Mildreds Camden

Mildreds didn’t wait for the current green wave to surf on it: their first Soho spot in the 80’s was quickly followed by this Asian-style bistro in Camden’s glass building. Their mission? Sexyfy “meatless”, with colourful classics from all over the world: it never feels like “something” is missing, with all vegetarian-revisited classics creative and tasty.

In the buzzing atmosphere punctuated with 70’s details (dark wood panels, chrome ceiling lights and equestrian wallpaper), the magic works, favoured by the busy but attentive service: get in the mood with crispy gyozas, before heading to the just-spiced Sri Lankan sweet potato and peas curry, or the famous Polish beetroot burger with white beans, dill and a soft bun brioche, woken up by pickled cabbage and red onions. Finally, the creamy dessert of the day combines candied rhubarb and a pistachio-almond cake. From flexitarians to vegans, no one leaves hungry, nor thirsty thanks to the organic Sicilian house red.

Ségolène Montcel

Last update: 11/02/2019

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Mildreds Dalston
Mildreds King’s Cross
Mildreds Soho

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Dedicated menu

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Starters : £3-7
Mains : £8-13
Desserts: £3-7.50
Brunch: £7-10
Cocktails: £7.50
Wine: glass from £5.50, bottle from £21

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Monday-Friday 12pm-11pm
Saturday 10am-11pm
Sunday 10am-10pm

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8-12 only

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9 Jamestown Road
London NW1 7BW

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+44 (0)20 7482 4200

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Camden Town
Chalk Farm
Mornington Crescent

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