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Following Oklava, their first explosive gem, Selin Kiazim and Laura Christie put modern Turkish dining in the spotlight once again. This time, they’ve taken over a pretty (muted blue, 50’s wooden chairs and bare bricks) tiny corner room in Fitzrovia, where the focus is on Ottoman pasta straight from Kyseri in Anatolia and made on-site daily.

Share some charming plates, hooked up with great Turkish wines: a few slices of homemade pastirma hanging in the ageing fridge; creamy feta to mop, woken up by green chili ezme and candied watermelon; Black sea fondue with mozza and tulum cheese; killer beef and sour cherry mante raviolis, packed and moist; pungent erişte noodles with lemon braised greens and walnuts; soft rice-stuffed courgette flowers, jazzed up with yoghurt and peppers (çiçek dolmas)… If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in the honeyed kadayif ice-cream sandwich delights. A tad less “wow” than the big sister, but just as cool.

Valentine Benoist

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The terrace

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Snacks: £1-8
Mains: £10-19
Sides: £6
Desserts: £8-14
Wine: glass from £4.50, bottle from £27

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Tuesday-Saturday 12-3pm and 5.30-10pm

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64 Grafton Way
London W1T 5DP

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Warren Street
Great Portland Street
Euston Square
Goodge Street

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+44 (0)20 7383 3717

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