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Nothing more persistent than this new hit from the Primeur team, right on no man’s land turned foodie destination, Newington Green. In this bake-eatery, the ochre tones added to the brutalist decor catch the eye straight away, and make you want to languish under the Moroccan winter sun.

The menu features finger-licking good, simple dishes from breakfast to dinner: a delicious plateful of spelt, courgettes and basil with a generous dollop of parmesan; a crunchy and soft feat and pepper toast; a comforting aubergine, tomato and parmesan bake, and a few slices of Mariola salame to meat things up a bit, with a refreshing glass of verdicchio. The unaltered, milled on-site flour expresses itself in the soft bread basket but also from the counter: pick up some cheerful sausage rolls, financiers and other small palmiers.

Valentine Benoist

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Westerns Laundry

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Pastries from the counter

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Breakfast: £2-9
Lunch: £5.50-9
Pastries and bread: £1-6

Snacks: £2-9.50
Mains: £17-26
Desserts: £6.50-9


Wine: glass from £4.50, bottle from £22

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Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-4pm
Thursday-Friday 9am-4pm and 6.30-10pm
Saturday 9.30am-4pm and 6.30-10pm
Sunday 9.30am-4pm

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21 Newington Green
London N16 9PU

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+44 (0)20 3887 2309

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Dalston Kingsland

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