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Ile flottante – Brasserie Zédel

Serves 4

1. Île flottante

120 g egg whites (4 whites)
110 g caster sugar
8 g egg white powder
100 ml milk
1 vanilla pod, split lengthways
Squeeze of lemon juice
Oil, for greasing
Caramel and pink praline, to serve

2. Vanilla anglaise

300 g double cream
300 g milk
120 g egg yolks (about 6 yolks)
60 g caster sugar
1 vanilla pod

1. Vanilla anglaise

Scrape the seeds out of the vanilla pod and add both seeds and pod to a pan with the cream and milk. Bring to the boil.

In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and caster sugar, then pour a third of the boiled cream mixture onto the yolks and mix well. Pour back into the pan and, over a low heat, stir with a wooden spoon, until slightly thickened.

Remove from the heat and discard the vanilla pod. Leave to cool before refrigerating.

2. Île flottante

Preheat the oven to 110°C.

Grease the insides of four 7.5 cm (and 4 cm deep) stainless steel mousse rings, and the base of a roasting tray.

Put the rings in the tray and place a second tray of hot water in the bottom of the oven (to create steam).

In a bowl, scrape the vanilla seeds into the egg whites and add the lemon juice.

In a second bowl, whisk the sugar and egg white powder, then add to the egg whites. Using electric beaters, whisk to firm peaks. Transfer to a piping bag and pipe into the metal rings, filling them nearly to the top.

Pour the milk into the roasting tray; it should be 5mm deep. Cover with foil and bake for 8–10 minutes. Remove from the oven, take off the foil and cool in the tray.

Put the meringues on plates, pour the vanilla anglaise around and drizzle caramel and pink praline on top.