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Buckwheat complète galette – Mamie’s


18 galettes


Prep 10 minutes
Rest 12-24 hours
Cook 10 minutes



500 g buckwheat flour
1.125 l water
15 g coarse salt

Garnish (for 1 galette)

40 g ham
40 g Emmental cheese
1 egg
1 handful rocket
5 g salted butter to grease the pan



In a mixing bowl, pour the flour and 500 ml of water, mix everything together with a whisk. Flatten the batter with a spatula and add 125 ml of water with a spoon. Let it stand in the fridge for 12 to 24h.

Then, mix again! Add 500 ml of water and mix until the batter becomes nice and smooth.



a. Using a billig (French traditional crêpe maker) or a plancha

Spread the batter on the billig with a crêpe rake. Once it’s cooked on one side, flip the galette over gently with a spatula. The galette is ready!

b. Using a pan

Same idea: pour the batter and spread it in the pan with a spatula. Carefully detach the galette from the pan and flip the galette over, once or twice. Keep going: practice makes perfect!



Grease your pan and your galette with a knob of butter on each of them. Crack an egg in the middle and spread the white on the whole galette. Add the Emmental cheese and ham.

Fold your galette and brown it with a knob of butter.

Dispose it on a plate. Add some rocket, it’s ready!

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And what would a galette be without a glass of cider?