Fez Mangal

There’s definitely no-fuss in this low-key, always-packed Turkish ocackbasi, where dried peppers and copper pans share the spotlight with celebrity pictures. Their specialty? The fire, as you can see from the bustling, sizzling kitchen.

The easy-going crowd gathers in this cult neighbourhood joint and its new extension with large tables, to feast on ace skewers and other delicacies on a budget: soft and moist minced beity chicken, grilled shish, warm pitas to dip in the hummus and baba ganoush…. All coming with a generous portion of rice and colourful veggies. Cherry on the BBQ, it’s BYOB. Come loaded or stock up at the counter.

Valentine Benoist


Almost the whole menu
Home delivery

Starters: £3.90-6.50
Mains: £4.90-14
Dessert: £4
Soft drinks: £1.50-3.50
Alcohol: BYOB (no corkage fee)

Everyday 12-11.30pm


104-106 Ladbroke Grove
London W11 1PY

+44 (0)20 7229 3010

Ladbroke Grove
Latimer Road
Westbourne Park