Sông Quê Café

Sông Quê Café©
Lot Van Pham and Anh Phuoc Ti Pham have been feeding the London smart set for fifteen years at their cult Pho Mile Vietnamese eatery (next to BúnBúnBún). The decor is something: bright green paint on the wall, studded red leatherette chairs, absurd plastic lobsters overlooking the counter, golden wax cloths topped with paper cover and pictures on the menu.

But who cares, really? In an airy room full of local solo diners, bathed in the late afternoon light, it's exactly what you're craving for: crispy spring rolls, fresh summer rolls, colourful stir-fried shrimp and lemongrass bún, and the real deal - a fragrant rare-sliced beef phô… Forget about the synth cover songs playing, it’s time to take the plunge, broth is getting cold.

Valentine Benoist

How much?

Starters: £5.20-14.90 - Mains: £5-15.60 Desserts: £3.80 - Lunch menus: £7.20-8.50 Drinks: soft from £2, others from £3

Où, quand, comment ?

Opening times: Monday-Friday 12-3 and 5.30-11pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday and bank holidays 12-10.30pm Location: 134 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY Tube stations: Hoxton, Shoreditch High St, Haggerston Reservation: yes Telephone: +44 (0)20 7613 3222 songque.co.uk