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Emilia restaurant

The discreet and prolific Woodhead team has unveiled its latest venture inspired by Emilia-Romagna, inside the ho-so-chic Bonhams auction house. At the top of the little accordion staircase, the high-windows restaurant room plays along the Mayfair rules with crisp white tablecloths, quiet playlist, enough space between tables to whisper business secrets, paintings on the walls and an olive tree for the Italian touch.

Stuart Andrew’s menu is spot-on and delicate, backed by the same impeccable service you’ll find in all their places: start with a comp generous chunk of parmesan, before nibbling on sweet courgette fritters and airy aioli; a light vitello tonnato twisted with straciatella, smoked eel tortellini in a stunning tomato broth; refreshing wild strawberries granita and fennel ice cream… Escort it all with the neat transalpine wine list.

Valentine Benoist

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Auction list

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Wine bar on the ground floor

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Antipasti: £6-8
Starters: £12-15
Mains: £21-32
Desserts: £9-12
Wine: glass from £6, carafe from £17, bottle from £28

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Monday-Saturday 12-2.30 and 6-10pm

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Restaurant only
Wine bar phone only

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7 Haunch of Venison Yard
London W1K 5ES

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+44 (0)20 7468 5868

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Bond Street
Oxford Circus

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