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Brunswick House

A relic of the 18th century lost between the Vauxhall roundabout and the MI6 building, Brunswick House has two facets. On the left, Lassco and its salvaged antiques. On the right, Jackson Boxer’s extravagant restaurant, set in a former concert hall—dozens of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, heavy red velvet curtains framing the stage…

The much appreciated sobriety of Andrew Clarke’s menu is spot-on: grey mullet tartare, cucumber kohlrabi and dill; seriously good herb-fed chicken with bobby beans, grelot onions and salsa verde; Amalfi lemon sorbet… Pair the lot with some natural wine gems unearthed in the likes of France, the US and Spain.

Valentine Benoist

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St Leonards
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Private rooms
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Bar menu: £3-8
Breakfast: £4-11
À la carte: £6.20-19.80
Lunch menus: £18-21
Wine: glass from £4.20, bottle from £25

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Monday-Friday 9.30-12am
Saturday 10-12am
Sunday 10am-5pm
Bank holidays 10-12am

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30 Wandsworth Road
London SW8 2LG

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+44 (0)20 7720 2926

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