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Blacklock Soho

A basement in a Soho Soho strip bar, a raw decor… a true meat lover den. Tree ex-Hawksmoor are behind this story dedicated to serious chops and repeated since in the City. On Sundays, these famous chops are off and the trio tackles another big piece: the Sunday Roast.

With the all-in, expect a gigantic version for everyone to tuck into. Just like home. However, not like home :
… I’ll go for the beef, you’ll have the pork, he’ll take the lamb. Nobody fights over chicken breasts.
… Potatoes are roasted in duck fat.
… Gravy flows freely on Yorkshire puddings.
… Some ultra cripsy pork craklings await at the bottom of the dish (you’ll get there, eventually).

Valentine Benoist

Siblings: Blacklock City
What to have: the steak sarnie (£10, until 6pm)
When to go: Butcher Price Mondays

How much?
Starters: £3-10
Chops: £4-8 / 100g – Other meats: £12-18
Sides : £3.50-4 – Sauces : £1-3.50
Sunday Roast: £16-18, mixed grill (all-in) £20 per person
Wine on tap: glass from £4.50, bottle from £22

Where, when, how?

Monday-Friday 12-3pm 5-11.30pm,
Saturday 12-11.30pm, Sunday 12-6pm

The Basement, 24 Great Windmill St
Soho, London W1D 7LG

Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Covent Garden

Reservation: yes for lunch, parties of 6+ for dinner

+44 (0)20 3441 6996