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We build and implement impactful bespoke campaigns according to your objectives, may they be launching or boosting your brand (restaurant, hotel, food & drink...), or making yourself known (chef, maker, producer...). We'll make sure everyone knows about it in the first place and keeps on knowing, too.
  • Public relations: we bring you a deep and always evolving understanding of the media agenda, along with strong contacts in France, UK and the U.S. By talking to the people who matter (media, industry, opinion formers), we'll make sure your message is delivered.
  • Digital presence, community management: we find THE way to build your online presence (website, social media...), engage with your potential customers online and make the most of this wide audience out there.
  • Marketing: we raise your brand awareness through carefully selected partnership opportunities to place your products and associate your brand to the most relevant persons and events.