My Hungry Valentine is here to give you the perfectly tailored night-out idea and spare you the trouble of having to spend hours delving into hundreds of reviews for London and Paris restaurants. Just give us some hints on what you have in mind and we'll come up with the best off-the-radar top-notch suggestions:

  • Need to find THE ultimate experience for a business dinner? A Christmas dinner which doesn't feel like one?... Find a quiet room to discuss seriously while enjoying a fantastic meal?
  • A launch?
  • Dine in the kitchen with the chef, or in a secret garden?... In a freshly opened restaurant / not yet opened / usually closed that night?
  • Bring the chef to you, to your kitchen?
  • Organise a refined yet laid-back wine or spirit tasting for your clients to learn without feeling lectured?
  • Throw a very special birthday party for two or a crowd?
Just name it! We handle everything to create your own bespoke food and wine experience. From providing you with a personalised shortlist to managing every little detail of your reservation (designing your tasting menu and wine pairings, making sure all dietary restrictions are taken into account...). All that's left for you to do is enjoy the moment!