My Hungry Valentine does it all:

An independent London restaurant guide: from the best pizza to the best high-end/no-fuss/great chef restaurant, including your favourite gastropub, we love them all. And have been to all the places we recommend.

Franco-Brit food and drinks agency, organising bespoke events and offering a full range of communications & marketing services to spread the word about your business. We know all about both Paris and London food scenes, speak both languages and can help you anywhere.

Who's behind?

Valentine Benoist settled down back in London in 2015, after a detour to Paris, working for Le Fooding restaurant guide. 

She spends more or less her life at the table, or writing about what she has been eating or drinking. 

The rest of the time, you'll find her organising events to highlight the people behind these very tables.

Credit: Pierre Lucet-Penato