Calcutta Street

Calcutta Street©
After pop-uping for a few years, Shrim Chakraborty opened her first brick-and-mortar restaurant celebrating the recipes of her native Calcutta, represented in the decor: vintage fan ceiling lights, dark wooden hemstitched screens...
Behind the light blue wooden shutters of the menu hides a generous and tasty Bengali cuisine, mixing home cooking and street food: mellow Beguni fried aubergine slices, kati rolls on the go for lunch, Kankrar Jhal whole crab kari to mop with aerial luchi galettes… While sipping on Chilean Syrah by De Martino, Pierre Luneau’s La Folle blanche du Pays nantais ou Amrut Indian scotch. Sweet tooth will indulge in Pithe Bengali rice, coconut and jaggery pancakes.

Valentine Benoist

Combien ?

Snacks : 3,50-6,50 £ - Plats : 10-20 £ Accompagnements : 1-3 £ - Desserts : 5 £ Menu déjeuner : 8,50 £ (12-17h) - Vin : verre à partir de 5,60 £, bouteille à partir de 22 £

Où, quand, comment ?

Horaires : lundi-samedi 12h-15h30 et 17h30-23h, dimanche et jours fériés 12h-17h Adresse : 29 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RU Métros : Goodge St, Tottenham Court Rd, Great Portland St, Warren St Réservation : minimum 6 personnes Téléphone : +44 (0)207 6362 744